The thought of fire demands immediate respect, especially if it is in your own home. Golden Gate Properties takes pride in the fact that their units keep up with mandated codes. They understand the concerns their clients have when renting a property in San Francisco. Fire can be a very real threat. Golden Gate Properties takes the time to put forth the extra effort to give you peace of mind when you choose one of their units to live in.

Most recently the San Francisco Board of Supervisors made changes in the existing laws regarding fire safety. These changes were made to provide additional protection to tenants. The new requirements must be met by all building owners in San Francisco. It is now mandatory that owners give updated information about fire safety to their residents.

The new improved guidelines require building owners to provide the following to their tenents:

* Posted fire safety information and facts in common areas.

*Updated information on smoke alarm requirements.

*Proof that they have filed a statement of compliance form for annual fire alarm testing. This information must be posted in a visible area.

*The manager of the building must post his/her phone number in a visable area.

As a well established property management company, we provide personalized all inclusive services for our clients in the San Francisco area. When looking for a new home in San Francisco, you can rest assure with Golden Gate Properties. We require a particular standard from owners so we can deliver the best possible product to our residents. It is our highest priority to do what we can to exceed your expectations!

Posted by: g2properties on March 3, 2017
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