Starting back in the year 2007 the Port of San Francisco issued a proposal to develop the seawall and pier in Mission Bay and negations have finally begun regarding the project. This area is currently being used as a surface parking lot. The South Beach of the San Francisco Giants is located just north of this property. Immediately after this proposal was requested, the baseball team submitted a bid to develop the 28-acre property which is now called “Mission Rock”.

Vice president of strategy and development for the San Francisco Giants, Fran Weld, has repeatedly stated her position on where she stands regarding the team and the community. Her goals have always been to stay in touch and work with the neighborhood. She will always make sure the home of the Giants will function efficiently and pragmatically with the future vision for Mission Bay.

At this time the proposed project will add much to the community by adding 1,500 apartment units, over a million square feet of office space, 250,000 square feet of retail buildings and acres of open space which the public can freely access.

The majority of the proposed retail businesses will be aiming to cater to people in the community. Some of the opportunities which will benefit all who live and work in this area are community driven organizations such as artists’ studios. This project will also increase height limits on buildings to 240 feet and continue to adhere to the requirements regarding open space. Another great benefit is the affordable housing proposed within this project.

Overall the development of Mission Rock is sure to enhance the immediate community and offer many amenities to everyone who lives here as well as to the newcomers.

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