California is a beacon of technology and social experience with an intricate history. If you are looking for a new stomping ground and have ever wondered what it would be like to live in the foggy, architecturally unique, well sought after city of San Francisco, now is the perfect time to move! Apartment housing prices are currently unprecedentedly low in this incredible city. This iconic city has been calling to younger generations for years now, causing an influx of population to this metropolitan center. With an increase in population, the city and its surrounding areas also saw constant price growth. For the first time in years, this trend has changed.

In the past year, average housing prices have dropped back down to what they were in 2015! The S.F. housing market was recently softened by 3,600 new apartment units, making this the perfect time to shop for your new home. With this new addition of available units, there is finally enough housing to support the influx of residents.

Nearby areas are also seeing rent drops, but none as drastic as San Francisco, with reported rents “more affordable than New York, L.A. and Miami“. The time to move is now, so peruse the vacancy listings at Golden Gate Properties and find your new apartment. Notice that the rent for many of these one bedroom apartments match or beat the reported current average of $3,200.

There are myriad reasons to move to California no matter your style: incredible wine, varied business opportunities, great food, and of course the great Pacific. San Francisco is at the heart of it all. If you have ever hoped of moving to the golden coast, the recent adjustment in housing prices could make your dream come true.

Posted by: g2properties on July 14, 2017
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