Out of thirty cities in the San Francisco region, only five boast residential rents less than the California median, and they do so by the skin of their teeth. That’s the word from numbers crunchers at Zumper who delivered an August analysis of one-bedroom rental prices in the Bay Area.

According to Zumper’s SF Bay Area Metro Report, the median rental price for a single bedroom apartment in San Francisco exceeds $3400 per month. Mountain View and Redwood City follow close behind at around $3200 and $3100 respectively. If you think that living in the Bay Area is expensive, you’re right. In fact, leaseholders in San Francisco pay the highest average rents in the nation.

Experts note that due to a slight softening in the housing market, the median cost to rent a San Francisco residence is moving downward, but this decrease doesn’t exactly make “The City” affordable to anyone who takes home less than $100k per year. Fortunately, one can find relatively affordable rental homes in Napa, Santa Rosa, Livermore, Concord, and Vallejo. Of these cities, Vallejo is where you get the most bang for your rental bucks.

Vallejo, California: Surprisingly Affordable Bay Area City

Situated in Solano County at the south end of the Napa Valley, Vallejo remains far more affordable than every other city in the Bay Area. With fewer than 117,000 residents, Vallejo offers plentiful parks, vibrant night life, and lots of room for expansion.

If you’re being priced out of the San Francisco rental market, take heart. And then take a trip to Vallejo. Here you find a small town feel, an up-and-coming art district, and monthly rents that hover around $1300.

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